About Us

With a wide network and extensive experience, we partner with clients seeking to manage risk and prepare communities for change, providing strategic advice and practical solutions for the most complex projects. Our team offers communication and engagement services across various markets, including Water, Transport, Environment, and Energy & Resources, working with multidiscipline project teams to design tailored solutions for government and multinational clients


We understand that in today’s highly interconnected world, social licencing is often the key to project success. That’s why our team works to build strong and effective relationships with internal and external stakeholders, as well as local communities, ensuring that their knowledge, perspectives, and well-being are valued with trust, respect, and transparency. We identify potential project and reputational risks, and develop mitigation measures, delivering services aligned with clients’ scope, schedule, and cost objectives to create lasting social and project benefits.


To provide excellent management of projects. To contribute to creating quality and sustainable living environments. To deliver comprehensive plans using innovative technologies. To provide advice and consultancy services for best planning practices


Facilitate innovative ideas, foster methodologies towards sustainable urban and regional development. To introduce clean and green initiatives. Tierra is dedicated to serve the state urban planning, regional planning, environmental planning, transport planning and housing services.


Our approach involves considering internal and external stakeholder views, as well as community sentiment, and integrating them into the planning, design, and delivery of any project or largescale program of work


“We understand that involving the community and key stakeholders is essential to a project’s success. When building solutions, we recognise the information and viewpoints of communities and respect their right to voice their opinions.”
Our team’s expert engagement and land access specialists have years of experience interacting with locals and winning their support. For our clients, Tierra has succesfully negotiated a vast amount of Access Licence Agreements. Our experience has also ensured that respective proponents have faith in our skilled and amiable approach to communicate with landowners in an open and sincere manner. As a collective, we build a shared knowledge of the unique goals and interests of our clients and landowners. This makes it possible for both Landowners and Proponents to find a solution to tenure arrangements and work in an effective manner, together.
Our clients will gain community acceptance and awareness of the project, its purpose, and its benefits with a strong and effectively implemented plan.
“We believe that every Project’s engagement framework must be unique to the environment the project is subject to. Before choosing the most effective method for involving Stakeholders and the Community, we collaborate with a range of in-house experts to evaluate the risks and potential impacts”
Our engagement approach is based on three core principles, embedded within to effectively achieve satisfactory results:
ANTICIPATE: We foresee problems and deal with them immediately.
DESIGN: We design our engagement framework based on regularly faced issues together with ad-hox project specific issues
OWN THE PROJECT: Tierra Consulting wears the Project badge and ownes the Project as the developer. This enables a positive relationship between not only Tierra and the Client, but also Tierra and the Landowner.


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